Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Creative Writing


I could not believe my eyes I was walking through the bush. When  I had seen a kiwi.  I could not believe my self it was amazing it was beautiful.  But then came along another kiwi  
it was the father the mum jumped up and all I had seen was 2 eggs wow I said to myself.  then a big rat came I came out quietly and the rat went away. I jumped back into the bush before the kiwi looked at me. Then I started to walk I was on my way. I was very hungry I had found some berries I eat them. I had found a cave then I went in  the cave there was a very big rock and I had a very big jacket I said to myself  why don’t I go and see if there was a bush to get berries but it started to rain I rush back to the cave I went to the cave but some kind of  thing was in there I was looked at  it and it was a kiwi wow I said to myself I will go to sleep on the rock goodnight kiwi  see you in the morning and have a good sleep.    

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