Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Going back to Thailand

Week one start of fun. I went to Thailand. First thing I did was ask mum for $2000. So then I went to the hunted house. A man with a terrifying face jumped out at me I screamed as loud as a elephant running. Then I went to the big roller coaster. I  sat down I took  my shoes off I screamed ! Mum was not that far away and she could hear me. Then I saw a big tambourine that shook and had music I needed to go on that. So I went to that I shook like crazy. I bounced up and down woo ooh yes yay this is fun. Next I went to video games. I played the fighting games. The first game that I played was were you are in your house and you had to find a gun before you were killed by witches and zombies and more. I found the gun just in time. The zombies came and I shot bullets like crazy and some how I survived  that wow. Next I was hungry like a shark. My tummy rumbled so I went to Mc Donald and ate 2 big cheese burgers, one large frozen coke and  chips. I said wow I was about to burst. Then my Aunty wanted to teach me how to drive a moter bike.so I said yes 3 weeks later I knew how to drive one. The next day my mum wanted me to drive her to town so I said yes. We went to town and did some clothes , shoes and more shopping. The next day I went to the swimming pool. I had so much fun. But I had to go home. I jumped on the airplane and flew home. When we got home I said to mum that was fun and I will miss them.  

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