Thursday, 12 November 2015

Camp T4


Going camping

On Tuesday we left school to go to camp at El Rancho Waikanae. When we first got there we ate and then went to our cabins and put all of our staff in. Then we meet Sam he told us where we had to go to do our activates. The first thing I had to do was kayaking and water slide. Then we had dinner “wow I said nachos and beans it tasted like 100 little butterflies flying in your mouth. Then some of us went and had a shower and when I went to my cabin 19 and meet the other girls in my cabin there name was Ciria,Christy,kera, Madison and Mackenzie. On Wednesday we had breakfast Then we went and did our activates I did artery. Then we went had some morning tea cookies and milk. After that we went and had some free time but not for long. I had to do low ropes and team incentives. On Thursday we went to Wellington we all went to the zoo first. Then I went to Te Papa first and went to the Gallipoli war well basically a museum. Then I went to Capital E and did 3D gaming I made a little love heart house and around the back was the monster and the finish line. When we went back to the camp we had roast chicken and peas. Then we went to sleep. On Friday we stopped in at liven swimming pools and went for a swim It was so much fun but we had to go home.   JPEG ImageJPEG Image


  1. Wow Rachel! Sounds like you had fun did you notice that for camp. I was in the same group as you!

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  3. Awesome story Rachel . Keep up the good work!.